The necessity of an effective bird-barrier

Bird barrier – uses, benefits and importance

An effective bird barrier has many positive attributes attached to it, other than just protection from flying ‘predators’. Assurance, that one’s crop will be successfully grown into fruition guarantees confidence in the harvesting process. It is rather unfortunate that such attractive creatures can cause such destructiveness. Pests need to be deterred from the onset. Waiting, and trying measures that have failed before, will only lead to greater losses. In the agricultural industry, time and money is of utmost importance. The reputation of a farmer lays largely with the quality of the end product. A lack of efficient protection from preying birds could end up damaging more than just fresh produce.

What is a bird barrier?

bird barrier installed on crops
The Bird barrier is a ideal plastic net for protection to your crops against the birds attack.

Technically, any structure that puts a ‘safety net’ between exposed produce and birds, would in this case, constitute as a ‘barrier’. Many factors are not sufficiently taken into consideration when constructing such a barricade. Weight, dimensions, safety, pollutants and variable distances needs to be analyzed and effectively catered for. Hortomalla’s plastic netting easily meets all of these needs and manufactures the barriers to the highest possible standards. The constructions main purpose is to keep any threatening birds from passing through the netting and gaining accessibility to the crops. The height and distances will be adjusted accordingly, dependent on the height that the flowers or produce would be estimated to grow.

Proficiently designed for agricultural usage

Certain fruits and flowers are quite fragile, and run the risk of being damaged under unnecessary weight. The plastic netting has been designed to be as lightweight as possible, yet incredibly durable. Being able to withstand the sometimes harsh environmental factors also needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing such netting. The effectiveness of this product lies in its intricate yet simple design. It has been constructed to keep even the smallest of pesky birds out. Adequate moisture and required sunlight still have enough access to satisfy the needs of the produce. Pollinating insects are vital to some species and will also be able to carry out their tasks.

peaches crops protected by bird berrier net
With the bird barrier you can avoid that the bird cause any damage to your crops.

The nets come in easy to handle sizes and are easily adjustable to suit individual requirements. Transportation and storage is also made simple and adds to the convenience of purchasing such a product. The integrity of the structure is sound, and the materials that are used in its construction is of the highest graded quality. Crops that are being grown for human consumption need adequate safety precautions taken against unnecessary pollutants. Safe components are used that will neither infect nor alter the quality of the product being grown. The setup of the structure is easily maneuverable and can be adjusted as, and when needed.

Necessity in the agricultural sector

Many hours of intense labor, technical planning and preparation goes into the beginning stages of setting up the laying of a field. The foundational work sometimes takes just as much time as the cultivation process itself. Both of these processes are labor intensive and the harvesting process only adds to the tough workmanship and man hours involved. With all of these factors taken into consideration, leaving such hard work open to being destroyed is definitely not an option. It merely takes a few birds, just a few seconds to begin wreaking havoc on the fresh produce of farmlands. A mere hole indented from its beak, into a fruit, begins the destructive process.

The main concern is that they do not only target ripened fruits or vegetables. Flowering buds, flowers and even at times, seedlings, are all fair game to them. It has been proven time and time again that the old outdated methods of the past are simply not practical or effective. Attempting to deter a bird with a means of which it quickly becomes accustomed to, proves futile. Money has been spent on the ‘deterrent’ and the crop has still been damaged. Losses such as these can have serious detrimental effects on farmers trying to earn a living from their produce.

By making use of bird-barrier protective methods and incorporating them with a SOG net, assurance is given in that the best quality of produce will be harvested. Proficient spacing and support of plants eradicates the need for excessive human interaction. Growth is properly stimulated and the risk of viruses and infections is almost entirely non-existent. This is not to say that human hands or workers on the farms are filled with plagues. The plants are quite sensitive during certain phases of the cultivation process and the smallest anomaly can set off an outbreak. Sufficient air needs to be able to circulate between the plants, which a SOG net successfully facilitates.

bird barrier net used on pond
The net don’t cause any damage to your crops besides, the net provide a good protection.

When making use of a bird-barrier to keep away unwanted ravenous birds, health benefits are added to the end product. The excessive use of pesticides have gotten a terrible reputation, and not without due reason. Without the use of netting to effectively keep any preying birds completely away from ones produce, additional pesticides would still be needed as an extra precaution. A further problem to this though, is that this is also not always completely effective. The scent alone does not keep all birds away from the crops and they still have the opportunity to damage it before being deterred. By having the bird-barrier installed, the option to even get close to the produce is made inherently impossible, thus increasing the safety of the stock.

Additional uses

Apart from being a pivotal factor in safeguarding crops, plants and flowers, a bird-barrier also has incredible uses in the urban environment. Buildings have also been known to succumb to the destructive powers of pigeons. The constant nesting, the unrestrained defecation and terrible scratching causes quite a considerable amount of damage. The values of properties have actually dropped due to such damages brought on by such birds. More and more business parks, office and residential buildings have been employing the uses of bird-barriers to safeguard the properties and ultimately its value. The product is incredibly diverse and the smartest choice for all round, long-term protection against the destructive nature that birds possess.

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